Gayatel direct interconnects around the world and offers specific dedicated services to achieve our customers’ goals. Our voice communication solutions that respond to the ever-accelerating pace of business. Ensure quality at a reduced price through our multiple technical solutions and the best tariffs, tailored to the specifics of your business. Find the best technological solutions for your company to contact and be contacted, with security and at competitive prices. We deliver high quality and constantly raise the quality standards.

We endeavour to achieve positive and specific result-oriented outcomes. We are always searching for ways to improve the long-term results and invest our energy to find optimal ways to achieve the biggest goals.


Gayatel delivers quality SMS traffic to over 100 + countries globally. So when you need a reliable partner for SMS, Gayatel can meet all your needs. Gayatel allows you to design bespoke solutions including DIRECT and 1-Hop solutions to mobile network operators, aggregators and niche providers. No matter what the requirement, our SMS platform offers the perfect global solution to meet your SMS needs. Throughout many years of our internal development and testing many scenarios of delivering and monetizing SMS traffic, our partners are able to utilize their revenue in Application-to-Person (A2P) and Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging, in the most efficient way, by blocking grey and shadow routes and minimize SMS spam.

All of them need to be delivered precisely with the highest level of reliability all around the world. Our objective is to maximize efficiency with the highest quality standards brought to our customers.

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